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The Band's Philosophy

5 Minute Major was formed with a simple philosophy:  If it rocks (and/or rolls) and people will dance to it, we'll play it!   Our set lists are rooted in "Music for The Masses" with Rock (Journey, Bon Jovi, Pat Benetar, AC/DC etc.) Pop, and Country; anything danceable!  We are constantly refining our sets to ensure that the music does not get stale!  

5 Minute Major is a LIVE two guitar ROCK show comprised of talented musicians with many years of performing locally and nationally. Based out of the Twin Cities, we take our high energy, crowd friendly, very danceable show to venues and events all over the area.  Get some rest before taking in the show... you'll need it!



Kris Boden - Kris@247events.net - (763)-767-9646

Upcoming Shows